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A tourist group of different nationalities visits the ancient city of Damascus

Syrian Arab News Agency 24 Feb 2024
... Austrian nationalities visited the ancient city of Damascus Friday, viewed its archaeological and religious monuments and roamed its markets and neighborhoods.

To re-shine again… a clean-up and rehabilitation campaign launched in Old Damascus

Syrian Arab News Agency 23 Feb 2024
Damascus-SANA The Old Damascus Directorate, in cooperation with the local community, launched a campaign entitled “Restoring the Shine of the Old City” with the aim of cleaning up, restoring and maintaining its markets and main axes.

Traces of Khan al-Tujjar caravanserais found at foot of Mount Tabor

Heritage Daily 19 Feb 2024
During excavations near Beit Keshet in Lower Galilee, Israel, archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) have uncovered traces of a market within the historic Khan al-Tujjar caravanserais.

Hair selling in Syria: Hunger shows no mercy to beautiful details

Enab Baladi 16 Feb 2024
Still, with the increasing cost of living, Eva was attracted to the idea of selling her hair after learning about a thriving market with buyers and sellers; therefore, she decided to cut it.

Bones used as alternative to meat in Damascus

Enab Baladi 12 Feb 2024
Residents of Damascus resort to buying bones as an alternative to meats, which are sold within popular markets such as Bab Sreijeh market, al-Darawish street, and others, with a complete absence of supply control monitoring.

Feature: Lack of jobs, low payments top reasons for Syrian refugees in Jordan not to return home

Xinhua 01 Feb 2024
31 (Xinhua) -- Abu Mohammad Salameh, a Syrian refugee currently living in eastern Amman, failed to settle down in his hometown near the Syrian capital Damascus due to the country's battered labor market amid the years of conflict.

Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones reflects on his 38 years on the job

Wtop 01 Feb 2024
This page contains a video which is being blocked by your ad blocker ... But he said one thing hasn’t changed ... Among his proudest accomplishments, said Jones, is the closing down of an open-air drug market that plagued a community in Damascus.

Thrift clothes: A thriving trade despite restrictions in Syria

Enab Baladi 30 Jan 2024
... regions including the capital, Damascus ... Yusra (55 years old), residing in the Damascus countryside, visits the market periodically to seek pieces that fit her income and her children’s sizes.

2024: What does it hold for Syria?

Enab Baladi 12 Jan 2024
Congestion in a clothing store in the al-Hamidiyah market in the Syrian capital, Damascus – April 15, 2023 (Tishreen newspaper). Al-Hamidiyah market in Damascus – July 24, 2023 (Sarah al-Ahmad\Enab Baladi).

Syrian shopping malls see sales fall, Merchants desperate for profit

Enab Baladi 11 Jan 2024
... from Rukn al-Din district in Damascus, who prefers popular markets and regular stores because of their lower prices compared to malls, and because of the customer’s ability to negotiate.

Syrian govt: 2023 witnessed increase in exports, decline in imports

Enab Baladi 11 Jan 2024
The Syrian government has adopted a policy of “substituting imports and supporting local products,” creating a situation of monopoly for some essential materials in the market.

Slovak website: Damascus is bustling with life, contrary to what is promoted abroad

Syrian Arab News Agency 08 Jan 2024
The report noted that Damascus embraces many attractive markets, and what surprises the visitor there is that it is throbbing with life, contrary to what is promoted abroad.

Syrian Central Bank Lowers Pound Value, Black Market Dollar Reached 14600

The Syrian Observer 03 Jan 2024
Analyzing the exchange rate trend in 2024, there has been a decline of approximately 300 pounds in the Aleppo market and 200 pounds in the Damascus market.

Damascus-Istanbul: Longing for past not subject to borders

Enab Baladi 01 Jan 2024
The Egyptian market is a long, interwoven market with multiple intersections, very similar to the archaeological markets in Damascus, such as the Hamidiya bazaar next to the Damascus Citadel in the ...